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Want to be a part of students' social network, which will help you in education, networking, and more?

Find and make local friends, school friends, other friends of interest, chat with friends, post status updates, get a live feed of featured entrepreneur stories, get activity points and connect with local teengels (teen business investors).

Reasons you would love our app.

  • Networking

    Create your profile, connect with friends

  • Messaging

    Message friends, star any message to follow

  • Invite friends

    Make them join your network

  • Report offenders

    Block contacts, unfollow contacts, flag any message

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  • Consume Content

    You get to read the latest teenagerstartups featured story in the app

  • Activity Points

    You get points for making friends, inviting friends, sending messages

  • Contact Teengels

    Connect with local and our network of teengels i.e Angel investors who invest in student ideas

  • Post Teenku

    Post your status updates that are visible to your network

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Available for Android.

Web and iOS version coming soon.